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Eye Screenings in Tucson

An eye screening, also called a vision screening is a very cost effective & an efficient way of identifying vision impairments. It is a short exam that can indicate the presence of vision problem and to see if eye care office in Tucson might be needed. But it cannot diagnose specific problems. I

Eye screenings are essential and while they are not thorough exams, they are used to determine if further evaluation is needed. If there’s an indication of a potential problem, the patient will be referred to an eye doctor for further evaluation and eye care office in Tucson. Eye screening are done at the DMV. Also, it’s very common for eye screenings to be performed on children at their annual physical at the pediatrician’s office. They also get them done in school by the school nurse. It’s critical to check children’s vision when children are first born, during infancy and during preschool and when they’re school-aged. The American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Association of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus recommend that a red reflex test be performed for newborns (a basic exam used as an indicator that their eyes are normal and that a second screening for infants be performed between 6 months old and their first birthday. Preschool children between the ages of 3 and 3 and a half need to have their eye alignment assessed by a pediatrician or another health care professional trained in vision assessment. As soon as children are able to use the eye chart, they need to have their visual acuity tested. The test will determine whether or not they can focus on near, middle and far distances normally. If any eye focusing problems such as strabismus (misaligned eyes), amblyopia (lazy eye) or refractive errors (myopia-nearsightedness, hyperopia-farsightedness or astigmatism) are suspected during the eye exam, they should have a comprehensive eye exam. Children entering school and/or are school-aged need to be tested for visual acuity and alignment as well.

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