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Irregular corneas in Tucson

Eye specialist Tucson
Eye specialist Tucson

Irregular corneas typically occur as the result of the eye disease keratoconus or the refractive condition astigmatism. Here at Edmonds, Husz & Pemberton Eye Center, we have treatments for irregular corneas and corrective lenses that are designed specifically to help you improve your vision due to them.

Keratoconus occurs when the shape of your eye alters from its normal round shape to one that more closely resembles a spoon. This happens because the collagen that holds your cornea’s shape loses its strength. You may not be aware that it has developed in the early stages. Symptoms of it include greater difficulties focusing, problems driving at night, eye strain, halos appearing in your field of vision, headaches, general eye pain, eye irritation, or an itchiness that makes you want to rub your eyes. For most patients, our eye specialist in Tuscon will be able to counteract the effects of keratoconus with a simple pair of prescription lenses. In more severe cases, and keratoconus gets worse with time, a surgical procedure will be required to correct it. Astigmatism forms when your irregular corneas are causing light to refract more in one direction than the other. Blurry vision at all distances generally follows. It is often accompanied by either nearsightedness, farsightedness, or both. Our eye specialist will diagnose it as part of a routine eye exam. Special eyeglasses or contact lenses will improve your vision in the face of astigmatism. If you would like a more long term solution, though, then you can ask about whether you may be a good candidate for laser eye surgery.

Irregular corneas are nothing to fret about. Our eye specialist in Tuscon has the solutions you need. Our goal is to keep your eye health at a maximum level and our vision as sharp and clear as possible. Call us to arrange an examination.

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