Optician in Tucson

Optician in Tucson

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Designer sunglasses in Tucson

Our designer sunglasses here at Edmonds, Husz & Pemberton Eye Center certainly live up to their name. That’s because the names on them represent the most trusted, respected, and recognized ones in eyewear. Get yours as either prescription or non-prescription.

For non-prescription sunglasses, just come in and see our optician in Tucson. We have a large collection of options. Among the brands that we feature are Line Art Charmant, Fysh Urban Kool, Nike, Vera Wang, Jessica McClintock, and Maui Jim. Those are just some examples. We have more than that. Our optician in Tucson can assure you that we have choices that match up with your taste, as well as your budget. We have colors that compliment your skin tone, and styles that work ideally with your face shape. And when it comes to comfort? We dedicate ourselves to that because we want you to enjoy the experience of wearing your new designer sunglasses. They won’t pinch your nose or dig in around your ears; neither will then be too loose. Of course, as great as they look, there’s more to them than the cosmetic factor. They block out ultraviolet light, which is hazardous to your eyes. Your designer sunglasses filter out 100% of both UVA and UVB. And don’t forget the advantage of shielding you from the harshness of sun glare. Take them with you everywhere you go. They’re the perfect accessory for driving, taking a walk, spending the day at the ballpark, relaxing poolside, and so much more. They also enhance your appearance in a way that only they can.

Our optician in Tucson looks forward to helping you select from our array of designer sunglasses. Stop in at your convenience. Or contact us to schedule an appointment for an eye exam if you would like to have yours with a vision correction prescription.

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